Anne-Claude Cosandey

Environmental engineer and dynamic collaboration facilitator

My career path


Broad experience

I have worked in private enterprise, a non-profit organisation, a federal administration and an academic institution.

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Trained in facilitation

In 2018, I rounded off my career path by undertaking a course in Paris to become a dynamic collaboration facilitator.

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Previous project

For over 20 years, I have dedicated myself to the set-up of collaborative projects, with particular focus in the areas of sustainable development.

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My philosophy


Aux services de vos projets, je vous aiderai à clarifier les enjeux et définir les priorités.


Together, we will ensure that all the pertinent elements are integrated satisfactorily.


With targeted solutions, I will offer concrete action to make your projects come alive.

My professional experience

Les ateliers C

Motivated by a new entrepreneurial adventure, I founded « Les ateliers C ».

EPFL - smart living lab

Operational director from its setup as the Fribourg branch of the EPFL and the smart living lab which linked the EPFL, the HEIA-FR and the University of Fribourg.  


Federal Administration

Coordinator of project-models for a land development targeting the support of entities that initiate cross-sector projects.  

Ecoparc Association

Director of the Ecoparc Association, active in the promotion of sustainable development within the construction domain.  

Alluvial zone advisory service

Project manager for the mapping of alluvial zones of national importance integrated within a biologist and engineer advisors’ office.


EPFL – Pedology laboratory

An engineer within the EPFL environment, I carried out at the same time a doctorate in soil science within a European project framework.

Why the ateliers C ?

Workshops are spaces where reflection, creativity, modeling and assembly take place.  With this in mind, les ateliers C facilitate the formation of projects and creative and collective initiatives.