In a context where collective work is becoming more and more important, the use of methods that support collaborative thinking seems to make sense. The company “les ateliers C” support the organizations in open innovation, project management, strategic thinking, consultation, and partnership development.

Facilitation is a method for structuring the co-construction of specific solutions and aims to create the conditions for solving a problem among a group of people, whether it is a company, a public authority, an association or an institution.

Les ateliers C facilitators bring their skills and experience to the table to enable participants to make inventive connections. Through structured, dynamic and creative work sequences, they bring imagination and rational thought into dialogue, thus promoting systemic thinking within the group. They take the care to establish a common vocabulary and a working atmosphere that makes it possible for everyone to participate, thus promoting a real multi-participant dialogue.

It offers a group a coherent series of rhythmic, creative and effective work sequences to help them identify and solve problems, make decisions and get the group into action. Through its methodology, facilitation encourages participation and allows the development of innovative solutions. The facilitator’s position is neutral. By alternating means of expression (writing, speaking, drawing, movement), playing with the organization of the group (group, sub-group), the imagination (use of metaphors) and (re)formulation, he or she supports the participants in their reflection.

Solution-oriented, Les ateliers C ensures that objectives are set in advance of the workshop, in order to develop a customized facilitation program that will lead to the expected deliverable. Our facilitators identify the stages of the reflection process and their respective objectives, in order to mobilize the appropriate tools. Reactive, they modify the content of the workshop according to developments and needs.

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