We develop tools on a daily basis to improve the communication with our customers and workshop’s participants, but also to promote the understanding of facilitation for a wider audience.  This material is built up as we acquiere new experiences and skills. In this section we would like to share these tools with you.

Understanding what facilitation is is sometimes difficult when we have not experienced it. We have therefore developed a playful video to understand in less than two minutes what facilitation is and its added value. 

Les ateliers C offer with SILVIVA – national center of competences for learning in and through nature – facilitation workshops that stimulate strategic thinking and collaborative dynamics in an inspiring natural environment. Discover the offer in pictures!

In order to best frame our interventions and guarantee their success, we have established the document “How we collaborate” containing the essential steps of a facilitation mandate and the duties and needs of each party.

How do we work together

In 2022, we had the opportunity to organize and implement 8 simultaneous open forums. Organized as part of the “Grand Genève en transition” process, the forums aimed to fuel the planning work of “la Vision Territoriale Transfrontalière” enabling the construction of the Greater Geneva of tomorrow.

We wanted to create a useful guide base on this experience. This document identifies the crucial stages of the organization, the key people and their terms of reference.

Guide pour l’organisation de forums ouverts simultanés

We provide our clients with materials that allow them to inform participants of what to expect in a facilitated event. It is declined under:

From an educational perspective, we have developed a quiz on facilitation based on Michael Wilkinson’s book “The secret of facilitation” which aims to introduce its foundations.


We have created a FAQ page on our website that integrates the recurring questions we are asked about facilitation, the C-workshop process and its services.