Les ateliers C are located in a space dedicated to collective intelligence in the center of Neuchâtel. These offices are arranged in such a way as to offer mobile spaces that best serve the various tasks of the facilitator. Each room will be dedicated to a specific activity:

Concentration: ergonomic offices in a bright and quiet space to think and design our interventions
Creativity: a multi-purpose room equipped with whiteboards, flipcharts and other materials that allow us to develop ideas together and prepare the material for our interventions, but also to welcome small groups for a facilitated workshop
Communication: a room designed to welcome clients or to facilitate online meetings with the help of powerful videoconference tools
Conviviality: a kitchen and a lounge dedicated to informal meetings or impromptu discussions.

With the desire to evolve within the collective, we wish to share these offices with other small businesses that share our sensitivity to sustainable development and collective intelligence. 

You are an entrepreneur and are looking for a dynamic and friendly environment to set up your offices? Contact us! We will be happy to answer your questions.

We offer a quick process to integrate the premises: a meeting, a one-year agreement (1 year, terminable with a 3-month notice and extendable upon agreement), and you are already in your new workplace.



Anne-Laure Pollet: 079 773 68 02

Address: Faubourg du Lac 2, Neuchâtel

Available: immediately

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