Convinced of the power of collaboration, Les ateliers C has been cultivating partnerships since its creation. We co-develop new services and projects and contribute to the outreach of facilitation in partnership with various structures.

Eager to offer new facilitation experiences, Les ateliers C have been developing facilitation workshops outside in nature since 2020 in partnership with the Fondation SILVIVA. SILVIVA is the national competence center for learning in and through nature. The objective of the open space facilitation experience is to provide new stimuli for strategic thinking processes and collaborative dynamics.

Formapart is a pioneer company, expert and recognized in facilitation in France. Since 2019, Anne-Claude Cosandey has been accredited by Formapart to train people in facilitation. Each year, she guides new professionals who wish to integrate facilitation into their practice. 

Aware of the importance of networking and the need to promote the exchange of practices in the field of participation, Les Ateliers C is an active member of the participation Foundation and the ‘IAF (International Association of Facilitators).