Still not sure? Discover our portfolio of mandates carried out with different structures in order to facilitate open innovation, strategic thinking, project management, consultation processes or partnership development. 

Open innovation

Open innovation is a mode of innovation based on collaboration between stakeholders. This approach offers ethical and/or solidarity-based alternatives for free sharing of knowledge and know-how.

We lead seminars that bring together academic, industrial and associative actors who wish to develop together innovative solutions that respond to a common challenge. We rely on the Design Thinking approach, in particular but not only. At the end of the seminars, the participants have a clear idea of the innovations they want to develop, what they are for, who will benefit from them and with whom they will be implemented, etc…

Among our clients are:

Project management

A project only moves forward if it becomes someone’s priority. We offer our skills to projects that are just starting up or to one-off projects that need a project manager but do not have the resources in-house.

We offer customized project management support. We offer the following services: strategic thinking, meeting coordination, stakeholder identification, public relations, administrative procedures, business plan, search for financing.

Among our clients are :


Strategic reflexions

Strategic reflections aim to optimize everything related to the organizational vision and process.

We facilitate participatory workshops that allow a group, a team, a collective to clarify their visions and objectives and to define an action plan. The workshop program is tailored to meet the specific needs of the client.

Our clients includes:


  • Conférence des hautes écoles spécialisées suisses de travail social SASSA
  • association ECOPARC
  • Haute Ecole d’Ingénieur et d’Architecture de Fribourg
  • HES-SO
  • Etat de Neuchâtel
  • Implenia
  • Association Lire et Ecrire
  • Hub neuchâtel

Consultation processes

The consultation process aims to involve users in a collective reflection process on a given subject, throughout its development. During this type of mandate, we accompany the client in the clarification of needs, the identification of means to guarantee a real consultation and the elaboration of the process that valorize the results.

We can use known methods such as the World Café or Open Forums (or others) but we prefer to develop a customized program integrating our own facilitation methods to ensure that the workshops and other meetings meet the client needs.

Our clients includes: