Les ateliers C offer various facilitation modules, facilitation training and a multi-stakeholder project development support service. We offer customized services and adapt our methods and tools to your situation and issues.

Our facilitation modules 

Les ateliers C offer facilitation modules in the classroom, in the field and online. Although the methodological foundation is the same, the change of of setting allows to play with different medias and  rythm within the group throughout the workshop. The facilitators will direct you towards one or the other of these modules or possible combinations, according to the number of participants, their particularities, the goals and expected deliverables, but also with what your affinity.

In a classroom

In nature


With the physical presence of the participants during the workshop, indoor facilitation allows you to multiply the number of collaborative tools. Movement and interaction set the pace for the group and sub-group work sequences. The participants’ thoughts and ideas are anchored in the material thanks to the possibilities of displaying them in the common space (drawing, photo, post-it, projection, etc.). Participants have the opportunity to alternate formal and informal exchanges. This format encourages, among other things, creative thinking, interpersonal relationships and a varied use of modes of expression.

In-room facilitation workshop kit

During facilitation workshops in nature, the setting becomes both a source of inspiration and a support for collaborative dynamics, combining the benefits of facilitation methods with the creative activation of nature. The participants are supported in the structuring of complex thoughts. Nature becomes a framework to grasp the combination of different elements. In particular, it facilitates thinking about processes, systems, scales and levels of action.

Workshop kit facilitation in nature

The online facilitation session is done through a video conferencing system and online collaborative tools (mural, miro, google, etc..) that allow participants to quickly and easily build and share a common understanding of ideas and solutions, despite geographical distance. The online facilitation session offers varied work dynamics by alternating modes of expression (discussion, writing, drawing, role-playing, etc.) and group configuration (group and sub-group). This module encourages the rapid production of written material.

Online facilitation workshop kit

Project development 

Training in facilitation

Les ateliers C offer their skills and expertise in project management and provide a customized project management support service. The service offers the following services: strategic thinking, meeting coordination, identification of stakeholders, public relations, administrative procedures, business plan, financing opportunities.

Project Development  

Authorized to provide Formapart training since 2019, we offer a program that allows the acquisition of a series of skills in the support of group work, as an internal or external facilitator.

Training in facilitation