Facilitation provides a group with a coherent path of measured, creative and efficient steps.   It brings shared solutions, whilst still favouring the engagement and enjoyment of participants because of the neutral role of the facilitator regarding the project in hand.

The facilitator does not have the answer to the problem, but simply offers a path to finding one though engaging with the competent parties.

Why ?

Solving complex problems which require the expertise of various involved parties.

Who is it for ?

Companies, public entities, associations, academic institutions.


As intermittent workshops or as part of a process that requires several meetings.

Some possible situations

Strategic reflection

Defining a vision, the redesign of an organisation involving the people who make this work pertinent?

Facilitation helps form the right questions and contributes to the content without derailing the process.

Work groups

Hosting a work group which involves the involved parties having varied interests and diverse functions?

Facilitation ensures the acknowledgement and engagement of each member together with tangible results.


Inclusive consultations

Bringing people together to formulate solutions to complex issues, in the company of inspiring speakers?

Facilitation allows participants to actively contribute to debate through multiple, enriching exchanges.


Solid partnerships

Identifying of joint objectives between organisations which brings together values and sense to all?

Facilitation guarantees a neutral process that is creative and results-orientated, without bias towards any participant.  

Joint projects

Responding to a consortium project bid, respecting the interests of all parties?

Facilitation offers assistance in hosting workshops with joint creation structures.  

Open innovation

Bringing together citizens, companies, public entities and researchers to generate innovative solutions?  

Facilitation offers a made-to measure methodological framework, adapted to the issues and participants.  

Where does it happen?

On line

Numerous online tools allow us to profit from extremely efficient collaborative experiences. It also gives the opportunity of combining periods of synchronized and non-synchronized reflection.   

In house

In an environment that allows movement and numerous interactions and that provides a new perspective on the question to resolve.


Facilitation often depends on a metaphor to encourage original idea associations.  Immersed in nature, the participants’ experience is extremely powerful.

Why the ateliers C ?

Workshops are spaces where reflection, creativity, modeling and assembly take place.  With this in mind, les ateliers C facilitate the formation of projects and creative and collective initiatives.